What is $GRAV?

$GRAV is the limited energy source of the game, it provides utility to the core components of game.
The utility of $GRAV can be summarized as follows:
  • Used as a currency for some of the in-app purchases (IAPs) in the game
  • Used as in the Ascension (upgrading) of Loot
  • Used as the main reward mechanism of players and scholars via the Theos Leaderboard
$GRAV has been designed from the ground up to be an increasingly scarce asset that derives its value or cost of production from work done by the community or more specifically by active gamers. $GRAV emissions are intricately tied to player engagement and the increasing complexity of the game economy. Gravity is a hybrid casual play-and-earn game. The play-and-earn element comes into play due to our laser focus on the lore and player engagement of the platform, such that the "earning" part is purely a bonus rather than the core focus of the platform. The goal is to be fun first. However, the $GRAV token model has been designed from the ground up to be player friendly, while also taking into sustainability and scalability. They key point that $GRAV aims to solve is the integration of an inherently volatile asset in the pricing of IAPs as well as the reward structure for players and scholars, with a capped supply. The web3 gaming market has witnessed the implementation of uncapped hyper-inflationary token designs, which tend to act as a form of UBI, which has a positive element of quickly incentivizing onboarding players with the idea of earning a minimum income regardless of their contribution or skill in the wider economy. However, these models are prone to collapse in the medium to long term due to their inherent need for new players and their corresponding buying pressure to sustain the value of these "UBI-like" tokens. Around 15 years ago, a popular game called Second Life took the world by storm and was one of the most robust implementations to date of a game with an open economy, with the Linden Dollar. The Linden Dollar acted more as a stablecoin that was eventually redeemable for fiat currency within the game loop. Our team has spent months working on different models to take as many of the positive elements of both models discussed above while making it fit to a capped supply token while linking inflation to the health of the overall economy of the game taking into account spenders and high velocity transactions as well as the percentage of total supply being staked. This is outlined below in the Tokenomics section.